Access to AutoCAD

There is a free 30 day trial for AutoCAD available. The AutoCAD in 3D course is divided into 8 units. If you complete 2 units a week you can easily complete the course in 30 days and use the trial version.

AutoCAD is currently sold on a lease basis – meaning you pay monthly or yearly for access to the software. You cannot simply “buy” AutoCAD outright - it must be on a lease. AutoCAD is a product of AutoDESK, who makes a variety of CAD programs.

AutoCAD comes in two flavors – AutoCAD and AutoCAD LT. The primary difference is AutoCAD has 3D Modeling and Visualization as well as the ability to customize with add-on apps and API’s. AutoCAD LT does not have 3D capability nor can it use the add-on apps. Since AutoCAD LT does not contain 3D Modeling and Visualization you must use AutoCAD for the 3D course.


  • AutoCAD Free Trial good for 30 days.
  • AutoCAD $235.00 a month or $1,586.00 per year.


  1. Make sure your computer can handle the software by checking the minium system requirements
  2. Download the free trial of AutoCAD, which is good for 30 days.
  3. If you don't finish the course within the 30-day trial you need to subscribe for $235.00. The subscription comes with expert support from AutoDESK for any issues with downloads or installation.

Keep in mind the free trial is only good for 30 days. While you can download the trial at any time, once the 30 days is up you will have to start a subscription if you want to keep using the program. This means if you start the free trial before the course begins you may ending up paying $235.00 for access to AutoCAD.