Course Information

For information on how courses are taught, delivered, access methods and links to a sample course open the panel below.

Our courses use Moodle, the most popular, easy to use course management system available today. Each student will have their own log-in for the course and a web page specifically for them, displaying information on the course you are enrolled in.

Courses can be access from any desktop, laptop, tablet or smart-phone - basically any place you have access to the Internet. While you can only work on AutoCAD from one computer you can review assignments, grades, submissions, videos, text files, send messages, take tests and do just about anything from any location. The course was developed specifically to be desktop and device friendly across all platforms. You can opt to get text or E-MAIL messages when an assignment has been graded and a unit successfully completed. You can also opt out of all messages and get information from the course website only.

We have a sample course unit available at Under available courses select Course Sample, and use guest as the password.

Most people spend an average of 10 hours per week on the course. How you divide that time is up to you. You could work 2 hours Monday - Friday, or 10 hours on Sunday for example. YOU set your schedule. There are no set times you need to be on-line. While there aren't any due dates on any assignment or test everything needs to be complete by the course end date. Once the course ends you will not have access to the course website.

The course is divided into 15 units. For each unit you will take three tests - Unit Review, Command Review and Short Answer tests. The Unit Review and Command Review are 10 question multiple choice, and the Short Answer is 5 questions. Each test can be taken up to three times with the highest grade recorded.

Grades are issued for tests and drawing submitted so yes you will get a grade in the course.

Yes, there is a physical person you will work closely with during the course that will personally review all drawing assignments and tests submitted. Feedback directly from the professor will be provided within 24 hours of submission for EVERYTHING submitted, and that is seven days a week. Feedback will be in the form of a grade and written comments. Comments may be a suggestion on how to improve your drawing, or acknowledgment of acceptance provided everything looked good. Assignments can be submitted for review and grading up to three times.

Questions can be submitted directly to the professor for the course at any time through the course website. Response will be within 24 hours, 7 days a week. You can also post questions in the course Forum or respond to questions or comments left by others. The professor for the course will also post questions, information, and respond to students in the Forum.

While a 24 hour response from the professor seems like a long time, this is actually much faster than in a conventional classroom setting. Take a traditional class that meets on Tuesday and Thursday nights, for example. Once class ends on Thursday you won't have access to the professor until the following Tuesday class. While you can try sending an E-MAIL, it is highly unlikely you will get a response over the weekend. Instructors in all of our courses grade assignments and respond to questions seven days a week - weekends and holidays included!


Additional Course Information

There are several ways to chart your progress in the course. In the upper right corner of the course is the Progress Bar. As you successfully complete assignments they will turn green in the Progress Bar. Mousing over a block displays the assignment associated with that block. There is also a GRADES link on the course page which lists the grades for assignments submitted and graded and your current average. You will always know where you stand in the course.

A popular feature with students are Badges. A Badge is awarded for successful completion of a unit. Badges appear in a special place of the course website. You can also opt to get E-MAIL, text notifications or both when you are awarded a badge.

A running average of your drawing assignments and test scores is kept as you progress through the course. You can access your grades at any time from any location by selecting the GRADES link on the website.