Revit Fundamentals Course Content

Topics covered in the Revit Fundamentals course include the following. As part of the course you will take a 15 question quiz at the end of each unit. During the course you will work closely with a design professional who will be your instructor. You will submit several Revit project files for each unit. Everything submitted will be personally reviewed by the instructor with appropriate feedback provided.

Unit 1 - Introduction to Revit

Starting Revit
Understanding the Revit Interface
Revit File Operations

Unit 2 - Creating Your First Project

Selecting a Revit Template
Creating Interior and Exterior Walls
Adding Doors and Windows
Annotating and Dimensioning

Unit 3 - 2D Geometry and Editing

Understanding Raster and Vector Graphics
Creating New Drafting Views
Creating Basic Geometry
Editing Basic Geometry
Working With Object Snaps

Unit 4 - Creating Walls

Beginning a New Project
Creating Exterior Walls
Creating Interior Walls
Defining Custom Wall Types
Editing Existing Walls

Unit 5 - Adding Doors and Windows

Work With Different Door Styles
- Pocket Doors
- BiFold Doors
- Exterior Doors
Add Interior Openings
Work With Different Window Families
Add Custom Windows

Unit 6 - Creating Second Floor Walls

Creating a Custom Exterior Wall
Work With Wall Editing Tools
- Trim/Extend
- Offset
- Mirror
- Align
- Copy/Paste

Unit 7 - Second Floor Doors and Windows

Modifying Doors and Windows
Adding Custom Doors

Unit 8 - Basement, Foundation and Stairs

Add Footing Foundation for a Basement
Add Footing Foundation for a Garage
Add Levels to a Project
Add Stairs

Unit 9 - Floor Systems and Ceilings

Adding a Floor to a Basement
Adding a Floor to a Garage
Create a Custom Concrete Slab
Create Floors for the First and Second Levels
Add a Reflected Ceiling to the Basement
Add Gypsum Wall Board Ceilings to the First and Second Floor

Unit 10 - Roof Systems

Work With Different Roof Systems
- Hip Roof
- Gable Roof
- Shed Roof
- Flat Roof
Add a Roof to the Living Area
Add a Roof to the Garage
Add Skylights

Unit 11 - Annotations

Adding Text
Adding Leaders
Editing Text and Leaders
Adding Dimensions
Editing Dimensions

Unit 12 - Elevations

Creating Exterior Elevations
Creating Interior Elevations
Editing Elevations
Adding Notes and Dimensions to Elevations

Unit 13 - Sections

Creating Section Plans
Creating Callouts
Annotating Detail Sections and Callouts
Adding Detail Components to Callouts