AutoCAD Tips & Tricks Course Content

The following is a list of topics covered in the AutoCAD Tips/Tricks Course:

Unit 1 – The Drawing Environment

File Enhancements
Opening Multiple Drawings
Partial Open and Partial Load
File Information and Interface
The Screen Layout
Right-Clicking and use of the Intellimouse

Unit 2 – Basic CAD Drawing Techniques

Object Tracking
Polar Tracking and Object Snap
Object Snap Tracking
Express Polylines

Unit 3 – Layers and Linetypes

Layer Properties Manager
Layer Status Tools
Layer Manager
Layer Standards

Unit 4 – Advanced Text and Hatching Techniques

Text Enhancements
Line Spacing and Fractions
OLE Text
Multiline Text Enhancements
Find and Replace Text
Hatch Enhancements Updates to the Hatch Dialog Box
Drag and Drop Hatching

Unit 5 – Advanced Object Snaps

Extension Object Snaps
Parallel Object Snaps
Object Snap Tracking

Unit 6 – Advanced Editing Skills

Using Quick Select
Express Modification Tools
Draw Order
Editing with Grips
Managing Object Properties

Unit 7 – Advanced Dimensioning

Dimensioning Tools
Managing Dimension Styles
Revision Cloud
Associative Dimensioning

Unit 8 – Using Symbols

Inserting Blocks
Editing Blocks
Express Block Tools
AutoCAD Design Center

Unit 9 – Plotting

Plotting with Layouts
Creating a New Layout
Creating and Scaling Viewports
The New Plot dialog box
Non-rectangular Viewports
Managing Plotters
Saving a Page Set-up
Using Plot Styles